Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Things are going to be changing in my life fairly soon.  After I get back from WWDC next week, Amanda will be moving in.  We’ve already set up her furniture and stuff, and I’m surprisingly not terrified.  I’m actually looking forward to it. Instead of the terrible, terrible situations we’ve had before—some stuff at one place and some stuff at another—all of our stuff will be in the same place.  No more walking her home, then walking back, no going to her place to get supplies.  It’s going to be nice and it’ll free us up for spending more time together.

The real question is, “What’s next?”  We probably aren’t going to get our own place until we’re engaged—you have to keep it a little old-fashioned, at least—but once we do, we’ll probably find a place between Ann Arbor and wherever she gets a teaching job (cross your fingers).  Then it’s on to “real life,” whatever that is.  Scary.


One Response to “Changes”

  1. amnicu Says:

    I’m excited too! I can’t wait til I move in 😀

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