Jeff in a cap and gown for graduation.Jeff Kelley is a 22-year-old Macintosh developer for Campus Computing Sites, a division of Information Technology Central Services at the University of Michigan.  He manages roughly 900 Macs in labs around campus, using the open-source (and University-developed) Radmind to manage his loadsets.  This is Jeff’s personal and professional blog, and will contain personal thoughts, anecdotes, technology posts, and Mac how-tos.  He enjoys playing Guitar Hero and other video games, watching football, baseball, and hockey, spending time with his lovely girlfriend Amanda, and writing profile pages in the third person.


2 Responses to “About Jeff”

  1. Hank Hauffe Says:

    This is a shot in the dark but I ran across your entertaining blog and considering your Mac expertise hoped that this might be an easy question for you.
    I’m looking to take over an e-newsletter that was previously done in MS Publisher and that I’m looking to do on my Mac instead. One nice thing about Publisher is a cmd “Send email – Send This Page As Message” which then creates an email showing what you’ve created in the body of the message, not as an attachment.
    I’ve created a couple of websites in Dreamweaver & so think I can create the content that I want in Dreamweaver or RapidWeaver but I don’t know how to do that trick where it shows up in the body of the email rather than an attachment.
    I’m also not sure what I need to arrange regarding “hosting” what I create. Apparently I have to have it served like a webpage.
    I may be able to send from my Mail but will probably have to send from my work’s Outlook.
    Can you easily point me in the right direction?
    Thanks for you time,
    hank hauffe

  2. Jeff Kelley Says:


    I think the easiest way to do what you’re after is to create a custom piece of stationery for Apple’s Mail program. This requires Leopard, but it allows you to create rich HTML templates. Here’s a good blog post on the subject of creating them. Good luck!

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